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Your clients will definitely get attached to this folding bag with clip! This eco-friendly promotional product is made of 210D oxford cloth and measures 16 1/2" x 24 2/5". This is a great way to give your clients an easy carrying accessory and give your brand long time exposure. This bag is perfect for grocery shopping, traveling, carrying gifts, packing picnics, and more. It has more than enough space to carry and support everything you need and when you're not using it, it folds neatly for easy transport and storage. You can fold the bag up and take it with you everywhere so that you always have it whenever you need help holding your belongings. This great folding bag is sure to help you bag new business!
$0.91 and up
Prop your brand up with this mobile phone finger ring and hand set! This lightweight, thin and beautifully crafted stand mount is the simplest and most convenient way to mount your device in your car. The intensive magnetic force keeps your phone secure during bumps and turns and the high quality pressure sensitive adhesive pads provide unrivaled support so that you can use your phone hands-free and worry-free. This stand is compatible with virtually any mobile phone and it can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can find the perfect angle every time. Your clients will stick with you after they stick this product to their phones!
$2.514 and up
Hold onto a successful marketing campaign with this toothbrush holder! This holder is made of pp and can be used to hold your toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries to keep the counter space and closet neat and tidy. The upper part of the holder can double as a drinking cup, perfect for rinsing out your mouth or getting a drink of water in the middle of the night. This beautiful box is simply designed, dustproof and a practical and useful accessory for everybody. You can promote you brand, oral hygiene, and organization all at the same time with this handy holder!
$1.51 and up
Reel in new business with this retractable badge reel clip! The cord extends to 24" and retracts into the when finished. The convenient metal clip can attach to a belt loop, pocket, or bag and the handy pull cord makes security card, cash register or door entry a breeze. This is a great way to carry an ID or security card so that you can easily grab it and always know exactly where it is. You can get it in an assortment of eye-catching colors and customize it with your logo to show your clients how easy it is to keep coming back to your brand!
$0.27 and up
Tie yourself in to their daily routine! These hair ties are available in a large color selection, measure 3.95" x 0.5" and made form polyester. A one-color, one-location imprint of your promotional item is included, providing a usable and fashionable accessory to clients and employees looking to show some style. This will be a hit at your offices, community events or beauty salons, and it's an easy way to get this into the hair of those who could use them and your services. Give them a new 'do' with something that helps you too!
$0.29 and up
Your brand can weather any storm when you get this children's cartoon raincoat! This adorable raincoat is made of waterproof polyester and PVC and can completely protect kids from getting wet during storms. This jacket is perfectly designed so that children can wear it anytime, whether they're going to school or playing in the rain. It is easy to wear so kids won't put up a fuss and it is easy to carry so that you can bring it with you in case the weather turns ugly. Kids will be thrilled every time it rains when it means they get to wear this fun jacket. They will look cute and stay warm and protected so that you don't have to worry about them. Invest in this adorable product to give your clients some protection!
$3.25 and up
Wrap your clients in a great promotional product like this cool neck wrap scarf! This neck wrap is made of polyester material and 100% SAP inside which helps the scarf cool you off. This unique scarf actually works to keep you cool instead of warm. Put it in water to activate the cooling properties, and then wrap it around your neck to quickly bring your temperature down. This is a great accessory to have after a workout or spending a hot summer day outside. Keep it cool during your next marketing campaign with this cooling neck wrap!
$2.43 and up
Guide your customers on the right path and show them how your business can help them! This compass bottle opener is made from ECO zinc alloy material, measures 2.44" x 1.3" and can be laser engraved with your logo or business name. This item is easy to use, lightweight, compact and even fashionable for party gifts and campers. Ideal for tailgating parties, beer tastings and college giveaways! You'll twist and shout with how well this giveaway will impact your growth!
$1.20 and up
Enhance your commute with this stainless steel sport water bottle! This handy water bottle is made of stainless steel and features a screw-on lid with easy-flip sip spout, detachable sip straw and trigger hole. The wide mouth design makes it easy to add ice cubes and clean and the sleek, gleaming surface is the perfect way to show off your logo. This bottle is the perfect companion for traveling, going to the gym, outdoor activities, and more. With the helpful cap and smooth stainless steel exterior, this bottle looks as good as it feels in your hand. Don't miss the opportunity to steal the spotlight with this stainless steel bottle!
$4.543 and up
Show that your business can handle the heat with this heat isolated silicone glove! It measures 3.94" x 3.54" and comes in two color choices for a heat resistant giveaway. This handheld will promote your brand with a one-color, one-location silkscreen imprint which is great for cooking and grilling. Culinary events, tradeshows and many other promotional venues are great for talking to new clients and putting one of these gloves in their hands. Here's a giveaway that will work in a pinch!
$1.21 and up
Give your pets a place to call their own! These pet mats are made of a very comfortable fabric, are durable and easy to wash. Not to worry if your pet is tiny or large; we have different sizes for different weights. It's offered in red or black and can showcase an imprint of your choosing. Whether you want a pet name, company logo or other advertising message, your pet (and pet owners) are going to love the feel and look of this pet mat!
$7.09 and up
Sock it to them and make an impact! This jacquard kid's sock gives your brand a sense of style and features a cotton comfort with each of these sets. Spandex adds stretch and compression throughout. Add an imprint using one color and one location and hand out these wearable wonders to parents for their kids with each visit. Soccer organizations and football clubs won't be able to resist your giveaway and your business for making these their gift. Make sure they have a ball while promoting your brand!
$2.071 and up
Get an express pass to an awesome promotion with this express bag! This versatile bag is made of high-quality reworked material that is totally waterproof. Use this bag to make sure that all of your valuable belongings stay safe and clean. This is the perfect way to protect your belongings from getting covered with sand during beach trips or let you sit poolside without worrying about water damage. It's also useful for packing your liquids and toiletries when traveling. This useful bag has a wide variety of uses and will make your daily life easier and more convenient. You can customize the size and logo to give your clients a bag as effective as you are!
$0.066 and up
This waterproof phone carrying case neck tote is a great call for your phone and your brand! This vinyl bag features a 6.89" x 8.45" compartment that is big enough for phones, earbuds, keychains, tissues, cash, and more. The bag includes sealing strips for a tight, secure closure to protect the valuable items inside form water. This is a convenient way to carry your phone so that you always know where it is but can still use your hands and its waterproof design is especially great for water events, like surfing or going to the pool. The clear front also means that you can view your screen at all times. Make a splash at your next event with this protective bag!
$1.17 and up
It's safe to say that your next marketing campaign will be a success when you get these promotional safety lanyards! These quality lanyards are durable, comfortable, and customized using Earth-friendly, water-based inks. This is the perfect way to carry important belongings, like keys, wallets, or IDs, so that you can keep your hands free but always know exactly where your things are. The safety breakaway makes is easy to detach your items from the lanyard when you need to use them and then reattach when you're finished. This convenient lanyard is available in nine material colors made using plant-based dyes, so that it looks good around your neck and feels good for the environment. Promote a sense of style and convenience with this promotional safety lanyard!
$0.262 and up
Create a buzz about your business with this unique gift! This 3D printing pen is made from ABS material, comes in limited color solutions and measures 7.1" x 2.2" x 2.1" for a fascinating promotional item. Place your printed logo on the device, which can draw in the air to bring your art ideas to life. Parents will clamor to grab one of these for their children and artists and hobbyists will want one too while taking note of the company that handed out such a creative device. Give them a different perspective with your next advertising addition!
$73.857 and up
Watch your brand light up while spinning around on this LED light aluminum hand spinner! This high-end fidget spinner will make you stand out with bright LED lights that your clients will delight in spinning around in their hands. The spinner is the perfect size for both children and adults, and is a great way to relieve stress. This small and simple toy is easy to carry, discreet, fun, and very effective for focus and deep thought. The spinner is fun to play with but it is also great for anxiety, ADHD, autism, and is a good way to stay busy when trying to quit bad habits or stay awake on long car drives. This spinner feels nice in your hands and is silent so you won't bother anybody while keeping yourself occupied. Brighten your clients' day by giving them this eye-catching hand spinner!
$6.515 and up
Give them a reason 'knot' to forget your company! These custom shoelaces stretch 39.4" and come with the option to place your name with a silkscreen imprint of 30" to promote your brand each time clients reach down to tie their shoes. These cotton laces come in three different color choices, drawing attention to their feet and your business. Ask shoe stores to drop these in each customer's bag after a purchase or make these available at walking and running events for a safe way to make a difference. Loop, swoop and pull them in to your marketing campaign!
$0.69 and up
Give them the gift of support from your business with this bundled sports cuff. It's made from polyester and stretches around 18.5" x 3.15 for a durable wrist and arm wrap. The bundled shape gives customers and employees better protection for their arm throughout their day while spending the word about your company. They'll want to wrap themselves around your business and your promotional gift with this in your advertising arsenal. Tighten your grip with this supportive strip! Assorted sizes available.
$1.26 and up
Buckle in for the great ride to the top! This safety belt adjuster is meant for the little ones, comes in a variety of colors and is made from mesh material. This 9.84" x 8.86" item will include a printed imprint in one color and on one location, so they can add a safety net for children in the car while showcasing your company. Build a bigger base for your brand and allow this safe tool to get you the attention you are looking for!
$1.03 and up
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